Where to find Heat Weapon at Fortnite and Huntmaster Saber location

Shoot opponents in the head with a thermal weapon is a challenge you can complete in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 to help unlock the Prowler skin.

Although part of the battle pass, this Marvel character is not unlocked by spending Battle Stars. Instead, you must complete three unique challenges, one of which involves locating a thermal weapon.

This guide will detail all the methods to find a thermal weapon in Fortnite, where to find Master Hunter’s Saber and explain what exactly a thermal weapon is.

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What is a heat weapon in Fortnite?

A heat gun lets you see heat signatures when aiming down sights. This makes it easier to spot an enemy in the distance. You can only see heat signatures when zoomed in, so having the heat weapon in your inventory won’t be enough to activate the effect.

There is currently only one thermal weapon in Fortnite, the thermal scoped assault rifle. This pistol is available in two rarities: epic and legendary. This means you can ignore all scoped weapons that aren’t purple or orange when trying to locate one.

If you like the thermal effect, but not the range, consuming a Thermal Fish displays thermal signatures without needing to equip weapons. However, this effect doesn’t last very long, so be sure to stock up on Thermal Fish if you plan to use them a lot.

Where to find heat weapons in Fortnite

There are three ways to find thermal weapons in Fortnite:

  • Search chests and floor loot
  • Defeat Huntmaster Saber
  • Defeat an IO hunter

If you choose to try and find a Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle by scavenging for loot instead of defeating an enemy, remember that it’s only available in Epic and Legendary rarities. You can ignore any loot that isn’t purple or orange when searching chests and floor loot for the weapon.

Chapter 3 Season 2 is here! New additions include the Prowler skin, Cow Catchers, red and blue lines on the Fortnite map, and rebuild quests, including finding and destroying an IO build jammer and recovering battle bus blueprints missing. There are also resistance quests to complete, including planting wire traps, retrieving a data drive, and setting up direct relays. Jetpacks are also back! Meanwhile, the Victory Crowns and Character Collection have been reset, while there’s a new Victory Umbrella to find.

Where to find Huntmaster Saber and get a thermal weapon

Huntmaster Saber will drop a Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle when defeated. He can currently be found on the IO Airship above Coney Crossroads, but will move to another airship once the fight between the IO forces and The Seven moves to another location.

Huntmaster Saber is easy to find, but he’s quite a tough opponent to defeat, due to his speed and amount of damage he deals. We recommend facing him with full health, shields, and a decent weapon loadout.

If Huntmaster Saber proves too tough, you can try defeating an IO Hunter, which takes a little longer to find, but is much easier to kill.

Where to find IO Hunter and get a thermal weapon

An IO Hunter will appear during the last wave of the fight between The Seven and the IO. This week, you can find the fight and the IO Hunter in Coney Crossroads, under the airship where Huntmaster Saber is.

Get a weapon you’re confident with and a good amount of ammo, then take out any IO guards you find in the area. Once the third wave is reached, the IO Hunter will appear. It’s the enemy with the double health bar above its head.

Once the IO Hunter is killed, it will drop an Epic Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle.

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