What’s new for 2022 in crop protection biologics

New organic phytosanitary products maintain their momentum. We asked suppliers which products were trending so we could share the latest information with you.

Find out what they have to offer.

CERTIS ― Certis Biologicals is bringing several new products and product formulations to market in 2022, including MeloCon LC, an improved liquid formulation of the nematicide MeloCon. MeloCon LC is available now and approved for growers in states other than California. MeloCon offers new convenient storage conditions, improved shelf life and application rates, as well as pre-plant, in-plant and post-plant application flexibility.

LOCUS AG ― In summer 2021, Locus AG announced an expansion of its award-winning soil probiotics with the launch of Pantego, a new line of treatments containing a proprietary free-living microorganism with a high number of colony-forming units (CFU) and microbial activity. in the ground. The range of natural, non-GMO microbial soil amendments have been developed to provide cutting-edge agronomic and environmental benefits, with the potential to increase on-farm return on investment two to three times.

TIMAC ― The company launched a new foliar micronutrient in 2021, TimaUp (pronounced “TeamUp”), a micronutrient supported by Zn, Mn, B, Cu and Mo. It is formulated with a naturally chelating seaweed extract, the micronutrients designed to help with macronutrient uptake, with an emphasis on N to help the plant if any of the micronutrients are deficient. ‘TeamUp’ is certified and compatible with any tank mix for easy foliar application.

SYM-AGRO ― Sym-Agro Inc launched a new sunscreen product in November 2021 called ECKOSIL Shield Cuticle Enhancer, a soluble ortho-silicic acid formulation specifically designed to alleviate crop abiotic and thermal stress and sunburn . It helps strengthen plant cell walls, creating stronger plants with greater tolerance to abiotic stress, reduced potential for sunburn, and better light absorption, which leads to better crop quality and marketable yield.

DPH BIOLOGICALS ― TerraTrove, just released in November, is a biofertility technology platform built on the company’s flagship product, SP-1 Classic. SP-1 Classic is a liquid biofertilizer comprised of a diverse community of microbes, herbal humus and algae extracts that work together to improve soil structure, make more nutrients available for absorption and ultimately support performance and productivity.

HELM AGRO ― HELM has a strong portfolio of organic and traditional crop protection solutions, including two fermentation-based products in the process of going through the EPA. These products will help growers control pests and reduce pressure on other traditional chemicals. At the same time, the company continues to bridge the gap between organic and traditional crop input solutions ― combining the best features of both in high performing products.

LALLEMAND ― Lallemand has two highly effective EPA and OMRI registered biofungicides that protect against soil and leaf-borne diseases. LALSTOP K61 WP Biofungicide is effective against many root diseases, including those caused by pathogenic species and biotypes of Fusarium, Pythium and Macrophomina. The second biofungicide, LALSTOP G46 WG, is a wettable, concentrated dry granular formulation for foliar spray and ground application which, like K61, leaves no visible or toxic residue even after multiple applications.

STEPAN ― Based on a new rhamnolipid technology, ZONIX is an OMRI-listed biofungicide that is manufactured in the USA and recommended as a key component of an IPM program. ZONIX is the most effective preventative treatment against pathogenic oomycete diseases including downy mildew, Pythium, Phytophthora, mildew and root rot on food crops as well as turf and ornamentals. The product offers multiple benefits to growers, including environmental friendliness, exemption from EPA residue limits, and no known resistance.

ORO AGRI ― Milagrum Plus is an OMRI listed broad spectrum organic fungicide for the prevention and control of foliar and soil diseases. It contains Bacillus subtilis, a rhizosphere bacterium that quickly establishes beneficial colonies on plant roots and leaves. It exerts a powerful sanitary effect on plants and activates plant defense systems leading to increased vigor and crop yields. Distributed in the United States and Canada by Oro Agri, ― [email protected].

SUTERRA ― The company’s sexual disruption platform, Puffer, provides safe, effective and proven results. New for the 2022 growing season, Puffer NOW-O Ace is Suterra’s aerosol pheromone for navel orangeworm mating disruption in tree nuts, figs and other organic crops where the worm navel orange tree is a pest. As part of a comprehensive IPM program, mating disruption reduces damage by 50% or more, combats insecticide resistance, and does not harm beneficial insects.

KEMIN — Kemin is launching two OMRI-listed foliar spray insecticides in 2022. A miticide-insecticide and contact repellent, TetraCURB MAX, made with a proprietary blend of rosemary, peppermint, clove and castor oils that kills and controls mites and soft-bodied animals. insects with a DS of zero hours (restricted entry interval), a PHI of zero days (pre-harvest interval) and no MRL (maximum residue limit) on all crops. Kemin is also launching a garlic oil-based insecticide and repellent, Gemsei, which controls tougher types of pests like Lepidoptera.


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