What is a trapeze sheet?

trapezoidal sheet

Commonly used in building construction trapezoidal sheet varieties are also frequently preferred in today’s constructions. Trapezoidal sheet types, which can be applied painted or unpainted, can be preferred with different thickness and smoothness alternatives. It can be placed under roofs to prevent rain, snow, etc. The trapezoidal sheets, which ensure impermeability to rain, can be manufactured with different models. In this regard, their prices also differ depending on this variety.

trapezoidal sheet It can be easily transported and can be installed conveniently. In this regard, it can be easily used in many structures. One of the most important insulation alternatives trapezoidal sheet It plays a very important role, especially in the insulation of roofs. In addition, the trapezoidal sheets used in conjunction with the frame, by combining steel and concrete, create significant fire resistance in buildings. In this context, the most used areas are the insulation of roofs.

Characteristics of trapezoidal sheet

trapezoidal sheet It is made from galvanized base material. In this regard, it offers the highest level of corrosion protection. The wide coating, providing a sealing feature, being preferred with many different color and thickness options, makes trapezoidal sheet preferable over other sheets. In addition, it provides security against various impacts or seismic events by increasing the resistance in the areas where it is used.

trapezoidal sheets

Another important feature of trapezoidal sheet metal is that it is produced in different shapes. The product, which is produced in many shapes including square and rectangular, can be easily used in buildings where projects are drawn in different shapes within this framework. In addition, thanks to its various color options, it offers a very suitable facade appearance. This makes buildings more aesthetic.

Where is the trapeze sheet used?

Trapezoidal sheets are produced in a single layer and in several layers. In this regard, it is preferred in buildings where thermal insulation is required. Places which are preferred for more material needs such as factories, schools, agricultural areas and warehouses are known as ideal places where trapezoidal sheet metal is used. trapezoidal sheet While maintaining the indoor and outdoor temperatures in the areas where they are used, the products are regulated in a very organized way, this also ensures that the ambient temperature is maintained. In this regard, sports halls are among the places where trapezoidal sheets are used.

Another important area where trapezoidal sheeting is used is in flat-walled structures. Sheets, which can be used on flat walls as well as roofs, are extremely useful when placed carefully and appropriately. Moreover, it also provides thermal insulation in the area where it is used, ensuring that the temperature is maintained to a significant extent. The point to be considered here is that when applying trapezoidal sheet metal, attention should be paid to the application by qualified and knowledgeable persons.

How to use a trapezoidal sheet?

trapezoidal sheet Types can be applied easily through galvanized profiles called secondary load bearing system. In this context, the use of the trapezoidal sheet becomes easier by applying the rectangular plates at the upper and lower levels with a double wall. Before applying the trapezoidal sheet applied to the wall as a coating, various analyzes are necessary for the area to be applied. Once the temperature and humidity analysis is done, sheet application becomes easier.

trapezoidal sheet

After the purpose of insulation and heat preservation, trapezoidal sheet metal is also preferred to eliminate noise pollution and prevent unwanted sounds from reaching living spaces. In this framework, a perforated rectangular sheet, one of the types of trapezoidal sheets, is used. In this way, the double-walled hair system offers a high level of sound absorption and guarantees a quieter use of environments. It can be easily transported, can be used extremely easily at the mounting point depending on the area to be used. trapezoidal sheet the products are frequently preferred by customers and are frequently used in buildings.

Things to consider when installing a trapezoidal sheet

Although the trapezoidal sheets have the ability to be assembled easily, there are certain points that must be taken into account during this assembly. In this way, it is specified that the assembly of the hair will be healthier and its use will be longer. In this context, the points to consider when laying trapezoidal sheets are:

  • trapezoidal sheet When assembling, the slope should be given appropriately and the frame of the buttress should be formed first and the assembly should be done. The installation carried out in this way will provide significant resistance, especially during cold winter days in places where there is snowfall.
  • Trapezoidal sheets can be applied to plain white walls as well as metal and wood surfaces.
  • When transporting the trapezoidal sheet from one place to another, it must be transported very appropriately and the sheet must be protected against wear. While preserving the hair, it is necessary to store it in a dry place without humidity.
  • trapezoidal sheet During installation, it should be determined on which side the wind direction is. For the assembly to be sound, the hair must be mounted against the direction of the wind.
  • When installing trapezoidal sheets, they must be joined with gaskets. Care should also be taken to seal the connection points.
  • In order to avoid leaks that may occur after the installation of the trapezium, the saddle and the inclination of the roof trapezoid must be made together. In addition, the material used for their construction must be of high quality.
  • In places where there is a problem at the tilt point, the tightness should be increased to the highest level using the application of tape between the bristles.
  • The burrs formed by the drilling of the sheet metal during use and assembly must be cleaned against any corrosion.

As part of all this, the trapezoidal sheets, which are assembled paying attention to the elements mentioned above, provide durable and comfortable use.

Advantages of using a trapezoidal sheet

frequently used in buildings trapezoidal sheet applications bring many benefits. We can list the advantages of trapezoidal sheets, which provide many advantages ranging from thermal and acoustic insulation to longer life of buildings, from ease of assembly to economic convenience, as follows:

  • trapezoidal sheet When used with insulation materials, it provides significant heat saving and insulation.
  • Also, when used with insulation materials, it offers a great advantage in terms of sound insulation.
  • It can be easily used as a single layer in areas such as warehouses, agricultural areas and factories that do not need insulation. With its sturdy structure, it offers durable use.
  • With its flexible and permeable structure, the trapezoidal sheets that ensure the balance of vapor and humidity provide comfort in the area where they are used.
  • Thanks to the convenience it offers both at the point of production and at the point of assembly, it can be easily used in many buildings. In this context, many people prefer trapezoidal sheet metal.
  • There is very little mold and rust on the metal weighted sheets. It also has a structure that prevents them from occurring. This indicates that the hair is resistant to humidity and water.
  • Trapezoidal sheets produced in many different colors, thicknesses and widths at the point of production can thus be easily preferred for any building.
  • It is often preferred in places where the temperature changes rapidly due to its ability to withstand it. It maintains the existing heat.
  • It is often preferred in places with severe winter months. Thanks to its inclined mounting, snow, rainwater etc. It does not hold and resists the cold very well.
  • trapezoidal sheet It is also extremely usable in terms of weight. Sheets weighing 4 kg per square meter do not create an additional load for buildings and roofs where they are used.
  • Like other materials used in buildings, it requires no maintenance and has an extremely durable structure. In this regard, it offers economical savings at the point of use.
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal products, manufactured with different color options, also offer ideal use for aesthetic concerns.
  • The trapezoidal sheet is also very easy to store. It does not occupy much space.

In this context, it is often preferred trapezoidal sheet applications offer significant benefits on many counts.

 sheet metal roof

Trapezoidal sheet prices

Trapezoidal sheets, which are frequently used on building roofs, walls and especially in places where thermal insulation is not required, also have significant price advantages. In terms of price, quality, width and thickness of the product, area of ​​use, etc. are based on criteria. In this frame, trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panel for prices of sandwich panel prices, you can visit their website. In addition, hair is charged per square meter. At this point it is necessary to know the square meter of the place to apply to obtain information on the net price. In this context, you can visit our company for price information, general product information and for information on production and assembly stages.

trapezoidal sheet also reduce costs, making it an important alternative, especially for steel applications. Nowadays, different building materials are frequently used. trapezoidal sheet applications are widespread. In this context, you can also get information from our website to find the most suitable hair product, both in terms of price and need.

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