What are the materials of heavy copper panels

In recent years, with the continuous progress and innovation of electronic technology. It also promotes the development of heavy copper boards, not only for the precision of the printed base boards and the number of layers of technical requirements, but the PCB substrate material is also constantly subject to higher requirements. Below is the PCB factory in China introduces “what are the materials of heavy copper boards”.

General basic PCB materials can be divided into two categories:

Rigid base materials and flexible base materials.

An important type of rigid base material is copper clad board. It is made of reinforced stiffener material, impregnated with resin adhesive, dried, cut and rolled to form a blank, then covered with copper foil, then processed by high temperature and high pressure forming in a press hot with a steel plate as a mold.

The prepreg used for multi-layer laminates is the semi-finished product of copper laminates in the manufacturing process (mainly glass cloth soaked in resin and dried).

1. Classification of copper foil: There are many classification methods for copper foil. Generally, according to the different backing materials of the panel, the panel can be divided into five categories: paper backing, fiberglass cloth backing, composite backing (CEM series), laminated multi-layer board backing and special material backing. (ceramic, metal core support, etc.).

If according to the panel used by different classifications of resin adhesives, common paper-based CCI. There are: phenolic resin (XPc, XxxPC, FR-1, FR-2, etc.), epoxy resin (FE-3), polyester resin and other types.

CCL common fiberglass bucky has epoxy resin (FR-4, FR-5), which is the most widely used type of fiberglass bucky at present.

In addition, there are other special resins (fiberglass fabric, polyamide fiber, non-woven fabric, etc.): bismaleimide modified triazine resin (BT), polyimide resin (PI), ether resin diphenyl (PPO), maleic anhydride — styrene resin (MS), polycyanate resin, polyolefin resin, etc.

2. According to the classification of flame retardant properties of CCL: it can be divided into flame retardant type (class UL94 – VO, UL94 – V1) and non-flame retardant type (class UL94 – HB).

In recent years, with more emphasis on environmental protection, a new type of bromine-free CCL has been identified in flame retardant CCL, which can be called “green flame retardant CCL”.

With the rapid development of electronic product technology, CCL has higher performance requirements. Therefore, according to the performance classification of CCL, it can be divided into general performance CCL, low dielectric constant CCL, high thermal resistance CCL (the L of the general plate is greater than 150 ℃), low coefficient of thermal expansion CCL ( generally used for packaging substrate) and other types.

The above is the introduction of PCB base material. PCB printing process and selection of PCB base materials can directly affect the final quality and application of PCBs, which is also one of the important factors why large industries such as electronics and electrical appliances are paying more and more attention to the selection of PCB materials.

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