VAM® 21: withstand the heat of Indonesian geothermal wells

VAM® 21 has once again exceeded standard applications to meet the requirements needed to extract hot fluid from geothermal wells. The premium connection was recently installed in two of Geo Dipa Energi’s geothermal wells on the Dieng Plateau in Indonesia, withstanding temperatures of up to 330°C.

Harness the heat

Geothermal wells reach underground resources to extract geothermal heat from the surface. The recovered brine reaches high temperatures (in the most extreme cases up to 400°C) which are used to power the turbines of power stations which produce electricity. Geothermal energy is also suitable for direct-use applications such as district heating or cooling (low-enthalpy geothermal). For both applications, it is essential to ensure the integrity of the well and the tightness of the connections.

Well integrity is a crucial aspect that must be maintained throughout the life cycle of the well. The casing, in particular, must be able to withstand all internal and external loads, including the invariant factors encountered in geothermal environments such as high temperatures, high strength rocks, highly fractured formations, corrosive fluids and a wide range of pressures. The choice of a corresponding connection capable of carrying such loads is therefore of equal importance.

VAM® 21 has been designed to withstand high levels of compression and to seal against liquids and gases under combined loads at high temperatures. This is essential in geothermal applications because the extremely high temperatures of the fluid (250 to 400°C) induce high levels of compression on the production line and its connections.

In addition to its qualification up to 240°C for critical oil and gas applications (such as HPHT wells) according to API 5C5:2017 CAL-IV, VAM® 21 has also been qualified up to 350°C under thermal cycles according to TWCCEP (Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Protocol) for geothermal applications. VAM® 21 has a wide range of products capable of covering typical geothermal production casing sizes.

Geo Dipa Energi Case Study

Proof of its high performance, VAM® 21 has been selected for geothermal projects all over the world, for example for the geothermal heating plant in the city of Munich in Germany, the geothermal project of Lake Assal in Djibouti and for a deep geothermal project in the east of the France.

More recently, the second Indonesian public geothermal operator, Geo Dipa Energi, wanted to install TWCCEP qualified premium connections in one of its geothermal wells located in the Dieng geothermal area on the Dieng plateau and chose VAM® 21 for the project.

Dieng wells produce water and steam at temperatures ranging from 275°C to 330°C, placing severe compressive loads on the production casing throughout its life due to thermal cycling . For this project, it was therefore crucial that the selected premium connection respect the TWCCEP protocol with an Application Severity Level (ASL) of at least 290°C. VAM® 21 met the requirements of Geo Dipa Energi thanks to its resistance to high temperatures and very high thermally induced tension and compression cycles in cemented conditions. Thus, a production line of 13 3/8 68.00# and 72.00# L80 VAM® 21 has been installed.

“We are very satisfied with the results obtained with VAM® 21 in our Dieng well”, says Yudi Hartono, drilling manager of Geo Dipa Energi. “VAM® 21 was executed quickly and efficiently with zero rejections.” Additional tests were performed to confirm the integrity of the well. After the anchor cementing work, an MFC (Multi Finger Caliper) and a CBL (Cement Bond Log) were performed to assess the quality of the cement and VAM® Resistance of 21 at well temperature. Both tests showed excellent results, confirming VAM® Reliability of 21 for geothermal wells. In total, VAM® 21 will be installed in 20 Geo Dipa wells.

Try the challenge

As the number of geothermal projects increases around the world, VAM® 21 is ready to meet each customer’s specific challenges, providing the safest and most cost-effective solution possible.


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