Tranter will supply heat exchangers to major petrochemical investments in Europe

Tranter received an order from an EPC company based in Europe for a petrochemical project in Eastern Europe. The project is one of the largest petrochemical investments in Europe over the past two decades.

Tranter’s scope of delivery to the project is a total of 37 large heat exchangers from all of its product lines. This includes four large shell and plate heat exchangers which will be used in near temperature heat recovery services. These shell and plate heat exchangers are the largest of their kind and each unit contains approximately 1100 plates, which corresponds to 1060 m2 of heat transfer surface. In addition to jumbo size shell and plate heat exchangers, Tranter’s scope includes five other shell and plate heat exchangers handling heat transfer between flammable liquids, four NovusBloc® heat exchangers in 254SMO for high-fouling, high-temperature departments, and 24 large and medium-sized plate-and-gasket heat exchangers in low-temperature/non-flammable departments.

“The latest addition to our product portfolio, our NovusBloc® welded plate heat exchanger, has enabled us to offer the most efficient and suitable plate heat exchangers for each of the many heat transfer services required for this plant, giving us a competitive edge against our customers’ key decision criteria,” says Thomas Cassirer, Sales Manager, Global Accounts.

This plant is one of the first of its kind in Europe for many years and is built to produce important chemical feedstocks for other plants that produce plastics, fibers, detergents and other chemicals downstream. Although many similar investments have been made recently in the Middle East and Northeast Asia, this is an important project for the European market.

Thomas Cassirer continues “this order is the direct result of long-term work to qualify Tranter’s products for this specific process. This specific project shows that long-term hard work with technology conversion pays off in the long run. term, and a major flagship project like this makes the benefit even more apparent.”

The order has been placed with Tranter Beijing who will also manage all supply chain activities for the scope of the order.

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