Towel radiator: which are the best ones you can buy

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Not another day without a hot towel out of the shower. These towel radiators can heat the bathroom and towels and are energy efficient.

If when you get out of the shower or bath, the first thing you do is shiver from the cold and roll up a towel to stop shivering, it’s time to do something about it. The towel radiators Not only do they warm up your bathroom, but they also keep all your towels warm.

It is extremely pleasant to get out of the shower and put on a hot towel, also a hand towel when using the sink. The good news is that these towel warmers do not require much installationjust a few drills and a nearby outlet.

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We have selected among the best bathroom towel rack which you can buy right now which you can buy from Leroy Merlin or Amazon so you can install them as soon as possible. This way you won’t have another cold day.

  1. Best Value: Cecotec Ready Warm 9770 Ceramic Towel
  2. The most compact: Orbegozo TH 8002
  3. Best Design: EGSO 530
  4. Powerful and big: ATLANTIC
  5. Powerful and Wi-Fi: ROINTE D Series

Best Value: Cecotec Ready Warm 9770 Ceramic Towel

Ceramic towel Cecotec Ready Warm 9770

If you are looking for a cheap and well-designed electric towel warmer, Ceramic towel Cecotec Ready Warm 9770 it is a perfect product with 11 elements in 3 zones.

It is a low consumption towel warmer with a Power 2000WLED display indicating the ambient temperature, IPX4 protection to make it resistant to humidity and electrical protection against overheating.

It has an additional power mode for up to 2 hours with automatic shut-off to heat towels before use.

You can buy it for 109 euros on Amazon. The current best price is found by PcComponentes for only 99.90 euros.

The most compact: Orbegozo TH 8002

Orbegozo TH 8002

Orbegozo TH 8002 It’s a small towel radiator that does what it’s designed for, although you shouldn’t rely on this product to heat your entire bathroom.

It has 5 elements and a compact size to be able to install it practically anywhere. It also has a power of 90W, so low consumption is guaranteed.

It is designed for hands or small towels, although it can also be used with shower or hair towels.

The best thing is that it only costs 41.50 euros.

Best Design: EGSO 530

EGSO 530

EGSO 530 It is one of the most different towel radiators that you can currently find in stores like Amazon. On the one hand it is a 180W compact towel railbut also has a excellent design.

It has 7 elements in 3 zones and is available in black. It is a perfect radiator to integrate it into your bathroom with a different design and which also consumes little electricity.

It has a smart timer and temperature control on a touch screen. It can already be purchased on Amazon for 249 euros.

Powerful and big: ATLANTIC

Atlantic electric towel rail

A standard size and well priced electric heater can be this model Atlantic which markets Leroy Merlin under its white label.

Have 18 elements in 3 areasin addition to one 500W maximum power to cover a bathroom of about 5m2.

The design is white and matches the design of almost any bathroom. You also have a temperature regulator on its base and an on/off button.

It is available from Leroy Merlin for 89.99 euros.

Powerful and Wi-Fi: ROINTE D Series

Rointe Series D

Yes, connected electric towel rails exist. And that shouldn’t surprise us at this point considering how many household products you can control from your mobile or with an assistant.

Rointe Series D is a towel dryer with a Power 750W and that he has WiFi to control it from the mobile. It covers an area of ​​10m2 and has an IP44 resistance, so it can withstand the humidity of a bathroom.

He has 25 elements separated into 5 zones, perfect for putting all kinds of towels on this radiator. It also has a real electricity consumption meter and a fast heating function at maximum power for up to 2 hours.

You can get this electric towel dryer from Leroy Merlin for 619 euros.

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