Thermal Transfer Products launches a 3D configuration tool for heat exchangers built by CADENAS PARTsolutions

Industrial manufacturer of hydraulic oil coolers deploys new tools to streamline the specification process for hydraulic engineers.

CINCINNATI and RACINE, Wis., October 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thermal Transfer Products (TTP) has partnered with CADENAS PARTsolutions to release an all-new 3D configuration tool for industrial heat exchangers. The new online tool is a key part of TTP’s mission to be the easiest hydraulic power manufacturer to work with. By providing on-demand access to product configuration, CAD models, and PDF datasheets, TTP enables engineers to quickly get the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

“The end goal is to: size. Price. Design. That’s what it’s all about.” Tim McDonald, vice president of sales at TTP, said. TTP’s vision is to combine their digital tools into a one stop shop approach for product selection, engineering data/drawings and quote to market.

McDonald continued: “Ease of doing business is at the heart of our digital strategy. We want it to be so easy to work with us that we are the default choice for anyone looking to specify a heat exchanger.

TTP manufactures pre-engineered and custom heat exchangers for use in a wide variety of industries, for stationary and mobile applications.

“Our products can be found anywhere you see a hydraulic application, such as factory machinery or off-road applications,” McDonald said.

TTP has provided design assistance in the past, but has sometimes been challenged by the resources and CAD data available. The 3D Product Configurator now offers CAD models in over 150 native and neutral formats.

“Engineers would call or email our engineering department to get a CAD model for their application, usually within 24 hours,” Ron Szarzynski, product manager at TTP, said. “The process could take longer if the customer needed data for a legacy product, which would need to be redesigned in a modern 3D format. Our new configuration tool replaces this process. The end user can create the exact product for their online application by selecting the features they need. When they are satisfied with the configuration, they can instantly download it in the format of their choice.”

About thermal transfer products

For more than 50 years, TTP has been designing and manufacturing heat exchangers for the hydraulic industry. We are a recognized industry leader, supplying a full range of high performance heat exchangers for oil cooling and air compressor cooling.

When you work with us, you’ll find that the performance of our technologies sets the bar for heat transfer products, and our relentless drive to find and create custom heat transfer solutions to meet any industry challenge. sets us apart. Learn more at

About CADENAS PARTsolutions

PADLOCKS PARTsolutions provides 3D parts catalogs and product configuration solutions, helping industrial component manufacturers increase leads and ensure components are “designed” for OEM products.

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