Tech Gifts That Could Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year we decide to move more, read beloved books, listen to uplifting music or scintillating podcasts, and spend time relaxing.

But first come the holidays and the stress of finding exactly the right gifts for family and friends. If they’re into tech — or should be — you can help them with their January statements to do better, and you don’t have to be a “digital native” to choose great gifts they will use again and again.

Yes, some of the more durable devices can be expensive. But at least one tech find below that can help during those long winter nights is $20. And another might cost you less than $30 if you move quickly.

You can often find decent deals in the month before Thanksgiving and during Cyber ​​Monday sales four days after Thanksgiving. Plus, devices that debuted last year can be a great way to introduce someone less tech-savvy to something more affordable.

More smartwatch features promote fitness

A Samsung Galaxy Watch5, right next to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 mobile phone, can analyze sleep patterns and create a five-week schedule to help build better sleep habits.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

You might think a smartwatch is something no one really needs – until you try one. Then you might want to share the experience with others on your gift list.

Not only do smartwatches calculate activity and motivate a wearer to move, they can also analyze sleep, send notifications such as text messages to your wrist, and often stream music to wireless headphones during a ride. The bands, available from the manufacturer or other online retailers, are easy to swap out to match a set or replace if one is damaged.

For Apple fans, The Apple Watch SE, the cheapest in Apple’s current line of smartwatches, is both fashionable and functional. It has a huge collection of watch faces and strap colors to match your ensemble. Apple Pay lets you wave your wrist at checkout to buy something, Apple Maps can help you find your parked car, and Siri lets you use your voice to control your smart home. New to this year’s model is collision detection, which can determine if you’ve been involved in a car accident and call 911 and your emergency contacts, and share your location information.

Battery life: 2 to 6 p.m.

Price: from $249

For Android phone owners, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 is also a water-resistant smartwatch that features advanced sleep training, a sapphire crystal dial for durability, and a Samsung Body Analyzer that can track body composition based on weight, body shape, and weight. body fat, body mass index (BMI) and skeletal muscle. .

Battery life: 24 to 50 hours

Price: from $280

A cheaper alternative. Google’s Fitbit Luxe is a sleek, slim fitness tracker – not a smartwatch – that doubles as a gem. It will show the time and can track your activity and health, including detecting an irregular heartbeat, but won’t handle contactless Fitbit Pay transactions or calls from your wrist. An Android or Apple smartphone can connect through the Fitbit mobile app for push notifications, but due to the Fitbit’s screen size, you’ll likely feel more comfortable reading the data than the fitness tracker. collection from your smartphone application.

Battery life: up to five days

Price: from $130

Bookworms can build the library of their dreams

a man smiles while reading on his e-reader in bed

The Amazon Kindle 2022’s front light brightness is adjustable in case you find yourself engrossed in a good read while your spouse is sleeping soundly.


If snuggling up with a good book is a favorite pastime, a few new e-readers and tablets can enhance the experience.

Economic purchase. The 2022 Kindle, the 11th generation of these e-readers from Amazon, is the lightest and most compact to date. Its 6-inch screen, measured diagonally, has a high resolution of 300 pixels per inch and is anti-glare for clarity. Adjustable front lighting lets you read when a room is too dark for a conventional book. Its 16 gigabytes (GB) of storage can hold thousands of books without anyone having to build more shelves.

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