Sorting mixed plastics by color and type

Steinert, based in Cologne, will present sorting solutions for mixed plastic waste at the upcoming K Show in Düsseldorf.

  • The Unisort Film EVO 5.0, for two-dimensional plastic, uses a circulating airflow to stabilize the films on the conveyor so that they can be detected by near infrared sensors and sorted. The near-infrared sensors used by Steinert use hyperspectral imaging technology to detect very small differences in composition, allowing the system to distinguish PET bottles from PET trays, for example.

    Thanks to an innovative belt coating, the UniSort Film EVO 5.0 can produce a circulating airflow that stabilizes light 2D objects
    Photo credit: Steinert

  • The Unisort Finealyse is optimized to achieve high purity in flake sorting. A high-speed belt with directed airflow stabilizes small items, enabling high-quality sorting with minimal material loss.
  • The Unisort Blackeye enables the detection and separation of black and dark plastics. Using the mid-infrared range of the spectrum, black mixed plastic can be separated by resin, including PE, PP, PS and ABS.

Steinert will present its solutions on its stand E24 in hall 9 of the K Show, as well as on the VDMA stand CE01 and the R-Cycle stand CE07, at the Circular Economy Forum.

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