Rhino Shield Update Formula | World of coatings

Rhino Shield, the 20+ year old division of AmCoat Industrial, has updated the formula for its durable ceramic elastomer coating. Veteran-owned and made in the USA, Rhino Shield is 8-10 times thicker than conventional paint and is guaranteed for 25 years. The newly updated formula takes their nanotechnology to the next level.

Mike Moore, product and applications manager, says the Rhino Shield formula has been constantly improved over its life, but this latest update takes the high-performance coating to another level.

“I must give credit to the new owners of Rhino Shield,” said Moore, “Their unwavering commitment to investing in R&D will ensure Rhino Shield’s success in the future.

“Rhino Shield has been around for over 20 years, and that’s because it’s continually being evaluated and improved,” Moore said. “For example, four years ago we partnered with Dow to improve bioresistance, and that resulted in a 3-part Dow additive that provides even greater resistance to the main attackers of any coating: mold, algae and mushrooms. This partnership with Dow resulted in a much improved product.

“Thanks to the chemistry of the self-crosslinking polymers, this latest update allows us to continue to improve the physical qualities of the coating,” Moore said.

AmCoat CEO Terence Andre said Rhino Shield’s improved durability qualities over the years have made the coating one of the best in the industry.

“With our latest upgrade, we have developed the best performing elastomer coating in the industry,” said Andre. “Thanks to the innovative use of highly developed and latest technology specialized base resins and additives, we see improved adhesion, elongation, tensile strength and above all permeability – which are all critical to the long-term performance of an architectural wallcovering. In addition, this coating can reject significant heat penetration. So, in addition to protecting your home, it’s like adding an extra layer of heat resistance.

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