Livestock Development Board to purchase elite Sahiwal cattle to promote indigenous breed in Jammu Kashmir Reader

JAMMU: To bring about systemic improvement of indigenous dairy cattle and their productivity in the region, the Jammu Livestock Development Board, under the leadership of the Principal Secretary of Government. The Animal Husbandry/Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries Department, J&K, Navin Kumar Choudhary and Jammu Animal Husbandry Manager, Dr. Sagar D. Doifode purchased 20 elite Sahiwal heifers from the government. Barabanki (UP) beef farm managed by the Uttar Pradesh Livestock Development Board.
According to the Managing Director of Livestock Development Board Jammu, Dr. Matloob Ahmad Tak, the Sahiwal breed of indigenous cattle is considered to be one of the best dairy breeds in India with high quality milk and has also been declared an adopted breed as per the Policy J&K’s cattle ranch for the subtropical climatic conditions prevailing in the Jammu region.
He further stated that the objective behind the enthronement of Sahiwal heifers in the Union Territory of J&K is the conservation, development and propagation of the native breed in a scientific manner. Native cattle are well known for their qualities of heat tolerance, disease resistance, resistance to ticks and pests, and their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, which makes them commercially viable for farmers.
Elaborating further, he said that these elite heifers (average age 15 months) need to be properly managed on a science-based basis in government. farms having good infrastructure and these farms will be the source of high genetic merit, disease free bulls to be used for natural service throughout the province of Jammu, thus meeting the needs of the farmers. He will also ensure the breed upgrade of our local non-descript cattle using elite Sahiwal bulls.
He said that in order to improve the quality of livestock in the region, the modernization of the Hakkal semen station has been carried out by equipping it with advanced machinery and other necessary infrastructure in line with the latest semen processing technologies. sperm.

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